Sunday, August 31, 2008

Girls Nite (yes, another one lol)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there,
So what can you expect in a family that has 3 teenage daughters? Lots of girl time with friends and what does that include? Pictures of course! hehehe (yes I am putting you all through this yet again).
The other night we have Jaquie and Nini over for some serious fun. Nini is from the country of Georgia (she is back for 2 months b/c of the war) and we decided that she needed some cheering up.

Me doing Nini's makeup:

The end result (doesn't she look perty? and yes I meant to mispell that!):

What do 5 girls do in an empty church at night that has a great sound system AND spotlights? Dance of course! :-p

Glamor Shots (Why? Because it is me!) This is Jaquie:

Jaquie and Nini...they are like sisters but didn't really have great pics together...heh, I took care of that! lol:

The 5 of us. Gotta love the last one :-p Jen had the brilliant idea to jump over the piano bench and have me get it in mid-air. Well...she got over the bench, it was when she was coming down that she kinda had the problem. Of course we couldn't miss the chance to document it so we all got around her and tried to act like we were shocked but then Jaquie started laughing cause of the expression on Abby's face and then I started laughing cause she was but hey, it was fun :):

Then Jen left and us girls were left to ourselves :( Actually it was still fine anyway, so we all got creative (and boy was it hard to get out of those pews lol):

Hah! Notice the expression on my face :-p Danny (our amazing photographer thanks buddy) snapped it just as I completely slid down in the pew, I didn't know my eyes got that big!

So yeah, just thought I would share those with ya'll :)
Other then that not much has been going on...these past 2 weeks have been incredibly stretching for me both spiritually and physically. I had been making some really stupid choices and I started getting really sick as a result. Mom and Dad called me on some stuff (thank the Lord for parents that care) and I admitted I had been being stupid and decided to change. As a result, I have felt AMAZING and am so much more alert and happy :)
So what has God been teaching ya'll lately? I would love to hear what has been going on in your life! I am off to bed but I am praying and thinking for all of you :) Blessings and Good Night :)


Kelly Bryant said...

YO! WHASSUP! It appears from your blog that you've been having lot's of fun! I'm listening to Stellar Kart right now, pretty sweet CD. I woke up Friday night and I was having trouble breathing. I'm still alive though! Still haven't got a haircut. Somebody at church asked me if I was going to get one soon. Going on a bike ride with Chuck at 8 am. Oh man, I had something pretty funny happen on Saturday. Jakob is back in town for the weekend, so he was going to go to the guitar store to get a new guitar. Well, his dad was going to buy him the guitar, but that's beside the point. Anyway, we go to this guitar store, and this place is really cool! They let you just grab any guitar and hook it up to any amp and start playing. So, I started goofing off while Jakob, Mike, and Mr. Stiefel were looking at guitars. Hahaha! Ok, so I grabbed this Strat, walked over to this MASSIVE AMP, and plugged in. This thing is like 4 feet long by 3 feet high. HUGE! So there's 2 switches, a master power and a standby. I flip the master and start playing. Nothing happens. Now, I never stopped what I was playing; it was still ringing out. So I get real close to the amp and flipped the standby switch. WHOA! Somebody had that volume switch up HALFWAY! It almost blew me off the bench! Other than that, not too much else going on...

a_weak_rose said...

You have such fun times! I love the second to last picture!
Love ya!

HIS daughter said...

Missie~ Yeah, we do have some really fun times :) We are so blessed by the Lord! Did you ever sing at the church? Love ya :)