Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cool news..

Yes I do have some cool news to tell ya'll BUT I don't have any pictures...so, you will have to wait till tomorrow!

Here is some of what went on at our house today :)

Also I have been playing around with my camera and photoshop and took some pics of jen looking at the computor today and changed them up a bit. I am not sure about some of them but others I thought turned out cool :)
What do you think?

Well...that is all folks...where has your focus been lately? How is your relationship going with the LOrd?? Hope all is well :)
Blessings to you alL!

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marie said...

Hey Katy! Thanks for commenting on my post! I'm not kidding the Lord so often shows me something, or lays something on my heart that is going through the mind of one of my friends at the same time and it is so cool to have it confirmed like that!
Ohhhhh....yeah I wanted to say that I love the first one on the top of Jen and the fifth one down. They're great!