Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hey guys!

So yeah, construction is still continuing but for now I am happy with it overal :) So yeah, I am sorry I haven't updated in awhile :( Things have been incredibly busy and yeah...
So I wanted to share with you something that the Lord has really been impressing on my heart lately.
Last night I was kinda discouraged and unsure about some things and just was a hard night. Well as I was just about to turn out the light I happened to look down at a little Oswald Chambers daily calender devotional thing that my grandparents had gotten for me a few years ago and this is what it "just happened" to say:

"He who believes in Me...out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."
~John 7:38

"The river of the Spirit of God overcomes all obstacles. Never focus your eyes on the obstacle or the difficulty. THe obstacle will be a matter of total indifference to the river that will flow steadily through you is you will simply remember to stay focused on the Source."

I fell asleep thinking about that and woke up thinking about that! I mean, what a huge difference it makes when we keep our eyes of faith focused on Jesus. So many times things happen and obstacles come but I was really thankful to be reminded to keep my eyes of faith focused on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ BECAUSE He truly is our Source of life...everything we do should be done to honor and glorify His holy name. So yeah just have been thinking about that alllll day long! Thought I would share it with you :)

So what have I been up to lately? Work...yeah that about sums it up!
I am actually really cyched because the Lord has worked it out so that I am going to have to oppurtunity to go to New York City this weekend and minister with a church up there to the community! I am so excited! God really worked this out in amazing ways and I have never really had the oppurtunity to really do anything like this before so I am (as I mentioned before) REALLY CYCHED!!!! God is so good :)

So speaking of work...I thought I would show you "the shirt":

Now you have to understand that I wear these shirts (I have 3 of them) interchangibly at LEAST 5 days a week all day long! Blue is "the color" for us YMCA front desk people so I mix and pants, tan pants, tan capris, black pants with white stripes...not much chance for variety! :-p So yeah 1st pic...that is me after an incredibly loooonnnnngggg day of work. My poor family sees that face alot! lol :-p The 2nd pic...well I managed to paste a smile on! lol :-p Heh, I had to babysit a few times and go to work right after so I would wear my "uniform" to babysit the boys. One day the 7 year old looked at me as we were playing with legos I think and was like: "Why do you wear that shirt all the time?" And so I patiently explained that I needed to go to work blah blah blah and he promptly replied with: "Well, maybe you should wear something else here because I don't like that shirt. It isn't your color." HE IS SEVEN! I softly said something can't really remember what (it was nice!) and we returned to playing but I did wonder about "my color" for awhile after that then my boss put my mind to ease when she said it was definately my color. Amazing how 7 years olds can say stuff huh? I think though that whether or not people think that is not my color after this job I am going to try with all my might to stay as far away as possible from royal blue! I have worn it enough! It does make me sad when I look at my closet and sigh because I can't wear my cute normal shirts anymore. Oh well, this winter I am going to drastically change my whole work look: instead of short sleeve royal blue (kinda) shirts I am going to upgrade to LONG SLEEVES! Yeah! Hehe I just rambled on about my work uniform...sigh...I HAVE NO LIFE!!!!! Lol :-p

So yeah that is basically it...just thought I would ramble on for a bit :) Blessings to you all and don't forget to keep your focus on Jesus.

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