Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey all!
So in like 4 hours and 45 minutes I am leaving for NYC!!!! I am really excited but would also covet your prayers. I woke up with a sore throat and that just does not bode well! Anyway, I am so excited about this oppurtunity and am just praying that Jesus Christ will be lifted up and glorified in everything I do and say :)
So yesterday, we took "the day before Katy leaves for NYC" pics:

I guess I can't really call him my little brother anymore huh? Notice 2 of these were taken by my car? Uh yeah, me and MOm were heading out for lunch together at Denny's. It was really fun! Good mother-daughter bonding over mozzarella sticks and root beer (for me that is).

BEFORE me and mom left Jen was making cookies so of course me and Danny were goofing off in the kitchen and these pics are some of the results of that (I only put in the tame ones lol):

Abby was at work :( But after work we did get a pic together...Danny took it and the lighting was bad! (sorry photographer coming out in me) so it turned out kinda weird and did I meantion we were both tired? lol :) At least we got one and i think it turned out cute :) You can tell though that we are both exhausted!

So yeah I love my family :) I will miss them too! So i need to go like get ready to go on the trip but I will be thinking and praying for you all :) Blessings!

Ps: Dad gave me this 4 Gig camera picture card!!!! I am really excited! So as you probably guessed when I get back there will be alot of pics!


vicky said...

have fun in NYC and do you go to the church in wyoming? have fun wish i could be there i would love a vacation from school

a_weak_rose said...

I always love seeing your family pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great family shots!