Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm BACK :)

Hey all! So much to tell you and share with you!!!!!! Thought I would share this video with you (it was the pics now a video)...it is me (duh :-p) sucking helium for the 1st time ever. And no, I am not faking, I was sick this entire weekend (hah LOOOONNNNNGGGGG story) and so that combined with helium...HAH...yeah you get the picture. Anyway, so what made me want to do this? Ummm...after blowing up like 300 balloons and using up 1 full tank of helium it just...is this urge :-p lol! Anyway, a guy on the team ,Andrew, inspired me to give it a shot. We had just gotten back from the outreach and we were all exhausted and hot and sweaty and me and Jacquelyn were at the church and she had managed to save one balloon for me. Then, b/c Andrew wasn't there to watch the momentous event she filmed it and she was laughing at me the entire time. Then various people from the team watched it and all concluded that I sounded like a telly tubby. Sigh...great to have a reputation :) And now I am sharing it with all of you and no this is NOT my normal voice! Remember that:

Night all :) And I promise (if all goes well) that I will actually write about the trip tomorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Katy! What are we ever going to do with you? I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :) I have never tried that before, although my parents did when they were first married. They were with another couple and they had decided to go into Canada for the evening (back when you could with no problem). Anyhow, they decided to suck up some helium first, so they sounded really strange when they had to cross over into Canada. Don't ask me what possessed them to do that. :)