Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NYC in detail :)

Hey all!
So as promised...I will be concluding the pics post, and video post with an actual post post about my trip (if that made ANY sense whatsoever! :-p
So Friday morning, I woke up with a very sore throat. Heh, oh if I only knew what that was to foreshadow!!!!! Anyway, so it got a little bit better and by 4 I was at the church and at 5pm we pulled out. We drove and drove and drove and drove until we got to a church in PA were we were supposed to crash. It was like in the boonies! I mean, middle of no-where BUT it was really cool :) The guys were upstairs and the me, Laura, Jacquelyn, Jacquelyn's Mom, Heather, and Andrew's Mom were all downstairs. There were 9 guys and 16 ladies and that was amazing in itself cause were I come from the guys NEVER outnumber the girls :) So we all bedded down and me and Laura talked for a bit and as soon as I turned over it was like I couldn't breathe. That resulted in my getting around 4 hours of sleep. So the next morning I was up at 5am and after washing my hair in FRIGID water had my 1st cup of coffee in a lonnnnggg time :) We ate our breakfast and were on our way by 7am.

Ever been in a car with 11 other incredibly overtired people on the way to something really exciting? It is a blast!!! So we actually got to NYC at around 11am. One of the 1st things I saw in Queens? A tank. For real! So anyway we got to the church and started blowing up balloons and getting stuff ready for the community outreach. At 12 the outreach started. I was elected official photographer so besides doing that I went on prayer walks, helped with the crafts, and handed out stuff to people passing by. There was another church there that did like this really good program complete with puppets for the kids. It lasted for 4 hours and let me tell you, so many people were able to hear the gospel and be ministered too. It was a really neat experiance! Plus it was good to just be able to minister to the pastor and his wife that hosted us.
We spent the night at the pastors house. He took Me, Jac, Laura, Andrew, Scott, Jordan, and Mr. Zuber to drive through times square at night. THat was really cool! And then on Sunday we attended their church and then left for home at like 1 and got home probably around 8:30. It was definately a whirlwind trip!
I guess that because the trip was so short I didn't really get to connect to as many people outside the team as much as I wanted to but wow, did God do some amazing things people's lives even though we were only there for such a short time...
I felt so blessed to be able to experiance the trip itself. It really opened my eyes to alot of things in my life that needed to be dealt with.
So yeah...want to see allll the pics? Here are the links just click on them (you do not have to be a member of facebook to view them, ANYONE can):

NYC Part 1
NYC Part 2
NYC Part 3
NYC Part 4
NYC Part 5
NYC Part 6 (Last one!)

Hah! do you think I took enough pics? I didn't take allll of them but most of them I did :) Anyway, that was a really bad summary or whatever but hey at least I am done!
Blessings to you all :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, being packed in a car with a bunch of other tired people is ever so much fun. :) I'm glad you had a good trip though! Sounds like it was a wonderful memory-maker for you.