Monday, September 29, 2008

I am still here...promise

Hey all :)
SO yeah, sorry I haven't written in so incredibly long (what has it been 4-5 days lol).
The reason that I haven't written in awhile is because...I really have nothing to write about! Life has been full of: work, work, work, and more work.
But you know what? That is ok. I really actually enjoy working (except for the exhaustion part) so it hasn't been that bad.
Here are a few things that I have learned from work in the past week:

~Raid (the ant spray) is like grease when you spray it on the floor. ALWAYS wipe it up or people will slip and fall.

~Inflatable fun houses for kids are AWESOME! We have a HUGE one at work and this week we had to set it up for a birthday party. Well, tell me how can anyone set something up like that and NOT try it out? I mean, come on? So me and my friend Katie decided to race. Yeah, it was hard! There was this one point were we had to climb up this kinda ladder thing and we both kept sliding down b/c the "ladder steps" we so stinking small. I figured out you had to climb up sideways but there were like no holds so yeah, the sliding backwards continued! KATIE has done it many times before so (sniff) she (sob) won BUT ONLY BY LIKE 2 SECONDS! (hah i am such a poor loser lol). Anyway, it was really fun but now I have cuts and scratches all up and down my arms but was for a good cause! hehehe :)

~Brom (an older lifeguard kinda like my grandpa) is definately a great friend to have at work b/c he works his magic and gets me food. Seriously today he sneaked me like 3 pieces of pizza. He is amazing :)

~The copier is possessed and basically hates me. I swear it can sense when I am using it cause it automatically jams! hehe :)

~I can park better now...well kinda (hah! no comment)

~Whenever I go out somewhere now I see a billion people I know FROM THE "Y".

~I have perfected my professional, secretarial voice "YMCA, Katy speaking, How may I help you?" Yeah can you hear the professional tone????? You have no idea how many times the phone has rang at home and I have picked up and almost said "YMCA, Katy speaking, How may I help you?" even though I should totally do that sometime just to see what would happen :)

ANYWAY, I hope that didn't bore you to death :-p

Seriously, have you ever had one of those God-moments were He shows you how self-centered and ugly you are? They hurt. But the pain is so worth it when He makes you realize that even though you can't fix yourself He can and wants to and will make you more like HIM.

I am excited I get to start making headers for a friend's new blog she is creating. I am PSCHYED (hope I spelled that right) to be able to do it :)

Ok, I am done...that was my past week in a nutshell...kinda sad huh? hehe :-)

SO I just thought I would give you a small taste of all that it entails to have 3 teenage girls in the house. See, we were invited to be servers at one of our really good friends wedding and I just found (and photoshopped hehehe) some pics that were taken that day:
The 1st pic is pretty self-explanatory (duh). 2nd~ Jen's hair. Gorgeous huh? It is long and thick (INCREDIBLY THICK) and I did not have to do it that day :) Mom ended up doing it BUT I got to brush it out...3rd~ Me, blowdrying my hair, upside down, WHILE taking a picture (yuppers I am talented!
This next set: I like to call it the many faces of Abby whilst she is having her hair done by me! I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous when it was done but as you can tell it was somewhat uncomfortable for her at times! I love how in the very last one she looks like she is in prayer :) Maybe she was...hehe anyway, I thought she looked beautiful :)

Then there was me...Jen took this pic and I thought it had cool photoshop potential! Here is the final product:

All-in-all it probably took about 45 minutes to get 3 girls ready for a wedding...I think we turned out pretty decent! At least we don't look like the country hicks I mean girls that we all are at heart :)

So yeah, there was a trip back a few months for ya'll. I do not know why I never posted these before! I am off to fold some laundry and then to bed! Babysitting tomorrow and then a fullllll day after that :)
Blessings to you all and good night!


vicky said...

dude you are really good at photo shopping photos lol. and i like your blog lol

a_weak_rose said...

I can hear the professional tone, for sure! :-)
That last picture is frameable, though I love all of them--as usual.
Those God moments that you talked about DO hurt. But I'm glad He gives them to us so we can be refined.
Love you so!