Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You know you are exhausted when:

So you know you are exhausted when:
~you are not able to comprehend what customers are saying to you
~you forget your sisters and friends in town at another friends house by accident (I did end up remembering before I got home which was a good thing!)
~you are normally a night owl but when 8:00pm rolls around you are ready to fall into bed
~you start to wander around aimlessly
~you get asked to babysit and one of the 1st thoughts to pop in your head it "great! maybe WE can take a nap!"
~you get to the place you are babysitting at and take a 2 hour nap with a 14 month old on your chest (which I didn't mind at all :-p)

SO yeah, this is what the past 2 days have been like and it has been building up...I am currently working like 4 part-time jobs, one of which I never should have been in and I have come to the realization that because I am working so much I have no time to myself or with my family. Literally, I come home say hello and go to my room to go to bed. So I have decided to make some changes...pls. pray for me. Today I will be talking to some people about quitting SACC (the one I never should have been in). Mom and Dad and some other people have counciled me to quit it no matter "how desperately" they need me. So yeah, I am a person that loathes conflict and I have a feeling that this will cause pls. pray that I will be gracious and that the Lord will give me the words to speak but that also I will get my point across!
Blessings to you all :)


Kelly Bryant said...

Hey howdy. Just realized I have to ride home in the dark...Wahoo! Haven't done that in awhile. Hopefully I don't get mugged on the way home. This neighborhood is not the nicest...

vicky said...

I'm sure that things will go well with you I'm the same way but its about school! i go to school everyday which is cool but i cant wait til the semester is over!!!!!!!!! i will pray 4 u!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must be tired! That is a lot of jobs!