Sunday, July 27, 2008

85's Unite!

Hey all you fellow bloggers!
So I am officially a member of the 85er's and my club and I (me and Beesh) are "Just Hangin'" (club motto) and very B.L.A.L :) No that is not going to make any sense to anyone but if you have questions just email :) It is a club only for girls :) LOL :)
So yes, as you might of guessed, I just got off the phone with Elisha who is one of my best friends in the entire world. She and I go waaaayyyyy back (we have a picture together 12 years ago) and we have stuck together through thick and thin. Anyway, so we had a great talk tonight. We both needed it. Girls~ You know how sometimes you just need to vent and ONLY vent to a hormonal, emotional female (in my case at least) as yourself? :-p It was so neat to just share what we had been going through and to be able to laugh together. God has blessed me so much!

HAH! I got a new photo editing system and I thought I would test it out :) Anyway, these are random shots of me and Elisha one night a few months ago. And then here is one of all 3 of us: Me, Elisha, and one of my other best friends of all time Valerie:

So anyway, now that I got that our of my system :)

Sunday school went really well today! We had 3 new kids and we got to present a very clear gospel message! It was so neat :)

SO today was just a normal, relaxing day. I think it is a good thing it was just because things have gotten so incredibly crazy lately and will continue to be tomorrow! Just to clue you in: I have to be at the place I babysit 3 boys (8,6, and 3) at 7:45am and then I will get out of there at around 10:40am, then off to the "Y" to clean for 2 hours and then do the front desk till 3, then G and G Kelley are taking us 4 kids out for dinner at the Olive Garden and to watch "Prince Caspien". So yes, it will be a full day :) But a good one!

I have a prayer request for ya'll...Elisha and Valerie's cousin and his wife live in Alaska and today she was taken unconscious to the er. It turns out that she has kidney and liver failure (due to dehydration) and Chromes disease. With fluids, the kidney and liver failure should get better and they are treating the Chromes disease. Please pray as tomorrow she is going to have a part of her intestine removed and is still in the ICU.

So I am off to bed...just wanted to leave you with this thought:
Have to taken time today to sit down and Praise the Lord...not ask Him stuff, not whine, JUST PRAISE HIM? He has done so much for us...will you count your blessings with me?
Blessings to you all :)

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