Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm done!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :)
So, I played around and am now satisfied (for the moment :-p) with my new layout for the blog :)
AmericanMum inspired me to change it up a bit. If you want to check out the blogs she has designed...they are amazing and very professional: HERE, HERE, and HERE. She has very reasonable prices and is truly amazing at what she does SO check her out :)

So it is currently 12:53am and I AM NOT TIRED!!!! Reason why? I had HOMEMADE, OUT OF THIS WORLD, iced coffee tonight :) hehehehehe...yeah, am I regretting it yet? I will tomorrow :-p

So today was an interesting day. WORK WAS CRAZY! I have gained quite the reputation (all good) at the YMCA and people have started asking me to do things (I think it is b/c they know I have a hard time saying no :-p) anyway, so today I was asked to be a test dummy for the pool. SO I got to go out and pretend to drown then the 2 lifeguards "rescued" me and towed me to shore. Brom, the older one, is AMAZING! He survived WW2 and is a champion swimmer. I didn't mind him so much BUT the other guard was around my age, cute, and I had to stay completely relaxed while he grasped me under the arms and towed me to shore. I don't think I have ever been that close to a guy in my life! :-p It turned out ok though...the kids (they had to do it for day camp) loved it I guess!

So yes, what has the Lord been teaching you lately? He has been teaching me to really think about how I come across to people and whether or not I am mirroring HIM in everything I do...

I will leave ya'll with that.
Blessings :)


American Mum said...

Hey well done! Looking good!

Lamentations3_21_24 said...

I like your page. Not sure I'd know how to do this outside of xanga though. Kudos to you. As for how you come across to others... just be yourself honey. People will see Jesus in you most if you just be who He created you to be. Hope you have a great day. Sounds like a fun job you got to do. If I were your age, and not yet married, I'd probably have fun being "saved" by a cute young man. But I'd probably be laughing my head off while he was doing it too.

HIS daughter said...

American Mum~
Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

HIS daughter said...

HAH! I was like so stiff when he was "rescueing me" It was hysterical! And then when we had finally reached the other end of the pool we got up and didn't even look at eachother :-p Thank you so much for your encouragement to just be who God made me and thanks for the kudos :)

Leanne said...

Your site looks great! I haven't had time to visit in awhile, but it's adorable.

Oh, I had to laugh at you being "saved" by a guy your age. :o) It must have been awkward!