Saturday, July 19, 2008

30 hour famine

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So, this has been an amazing weekend. It has been so incredibly spiritual challenging weekend but WOW it has been AWESOME!
So, on friday we had the VBS and we actually had more kids come then would ever thought would. I helped Danielle teach and we had 11 kids ages 7-11, it was really neat! Anyway, so I had to go to work :( But, while I was gone at the end of the day a little boy in our class got saved! Honestly, out of all the kids, me and Danielle would have never ever picked him out as the one person that whole day to get saved just because he has been coming to sunday school for years and was always really hard to I said, we thought there was no way! Just went to show us that God's ways are higher then our ways :) So, that was really cool. Then, me and Danielle decided to start a Sunday school class because the kids wanted desperately to come back to church and up until now we only had 2 sunday school classes: the little, little ones and then the adults. So today we had our 1st class and it went really well. Danielle and her family are currently raising support to go over to Congo to serve as missionaries and they are really not sure when they are going to leave so, in the meanwhile, Danielle will be training me so that when she does leave I will be able to take over the class. So I am very excited about that! :)
So, onto the famine, we combined VBS and the 30 hour famine. For those that are wondering last years famine was an amazing experiance BUT this years what absolutely amazing! It really became more of a time fasting and praying for a missionary family in Congo (were Art and Danielle want to go) who have been going through some extreme spiritual warfare. Me and Elisha were looking at pictures and we were both struck with the fact that we really didn't have a lot of us doing different things because 90% of the time we spent together (dead serious) was spent in prayer, the Word, and devotions. It was the most amazing experiance I think that any of us have had in a long time!
God was there...on Saturday we went on a prayer walk in a town nearby and we went to the village park and there were a ton of people there so everyone except me and Beesh and Valerie went and passed out tracks and us 3 just really felt led to just pray for the missionary family again and to pray for the kids and to pray for was really neat. Years ago we had gotten a picture on those same swings so we redid it and here was the result:

Then on our walk us kids got a decent family picture! Notice the street sign :p

Tonight we teens (there were 7 of us that participated in the famine) got to lead the entire evening service at church. It was amazing! God has just worked in such a powerful way this weekend :) It is so neat how in our weakness HE is made strong! Surprisedly none of us were really hungry. At the end (last hour) Valerie and I got sick...but, it was so worth it! Going hungry physically while being stuffed spiritually...nothing compares!
Anyway, I made a collage of pictures just b/c I am too lazy to upload and explain them one-by-one! :p

So ever do one of those just total random things and then are so happy you did it? After we got home from church it started pouring rain so, we all (except dad) went out and played in the rain. Great famiy bonding bonding time :) Video below :) (hope you like it olivia!)

Anyway, that was an extremely looonnnggg post!
Blessings to you all :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blessed time during the famine. And it looks like you had a fun time in the rain too. :-)

Melody said...

Wow! You have a very fun family!! :D I don't know what would happen if I met you, but it would be amazing, I can promise that.
The 30 hour famine experience sounds just...just...I don't know the right word for it! But Jesus obviously used you in a powerful way, and at the VBS, too. I'm so glad!
I hope that someday I will be able to participate in it with you and the Harveys and everybody!

Olivia Harvey said...

Cool Katy, the famine sounds like such an awesome time! I am so glad that you were able to do all that. It's also so good about that kid getting saved....amazing what God can do. Thanks for the video! I loved watching a little part of your lives. looks like so much fun. I love you all so much.
Love, Olivia