Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :)
So yes, it is my LAST day as a 17 year old. Tomorrow...I am old :( lol :p
Today, I babysat...alot...and inbetween that I helped clean for the party tonight!
The party was amazing :)
I got a ton of gifts :)
Mountain Dew...it is amazing and I have my OWN bottle! Hehehe :p
Abby just sat and watched me open cards. I got 2 gift cards and I am so excited! Then ,one of my favorite gifts, I got a willow tree figurine! I LOVE them but I don't want to just collect them, I want every single one to have a special meaning. So anyway, Ann got me the free spirit one. She said it reminded her of me right away hence the picture :)

So, I had so many people come...God has blessed me with so many people who love me. I really kindof felt overwhelmed just by the love that was poured on me tonight!

We ate outside and then we took a group picture.
Then I took one with my Grandpa Kelley...I love my Grandpa :)

Then came the cake(s), icecream of course!

So yes there is my last evening as a 17 year old and it is not over yet! I have 4 girls over for a sleepover :)

I am just reminded of God's faithfulness...I thought I was alone but tonight, I realized that I am not...Friends and family...are God's greatest gift (besides Jesus obviously and salvation).
So question for ya'll: Have you taken time to spend with your family/friends lately?
Blessings to you all!


melody said...

Well, I keep commenting on your post from the day before...anyway, it sounds like you had a lot of fun at your party!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :) I don't need to say may Jesus bless you this year, because He already is, and I know He will continue! I am so glad you have been posting this much; it lets me get to know you a tiny bit better! Thanks for doing the birthday countdown thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy! We finally made it to Brazza. I love you so much and have a happy last day of being a official kid! You're party sounds like so much fun. I wish that I could have been there. But just know that I am thinking about you on your special day. :) Love you, Olivia

syddcase said...

A happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you, may you feel Jesus near every day of the year
A happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you and the best year you've ever had!!!
I wonder if you will be singing this to your kids someday...
I love you more than there are friendships in the whole wide world! (I wonder if you'll be doing that too!)
I love you so...

The Kings Ranch said...

Happy birthday Katy! Can't believe that you are 18! Love you!

Your Brother Dan said...

Happy birthday Katy! I love you! I can't wait for you to get your

Vicky said...

happy 18th birthday katy!!!!!!!!

a_weak_rose said...

Happy Birthday honey!