Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So today I cleaned and watched the front desk and then cleaned some more. Then, I came home! So anyway, it has been an incredibly tiring day! Heh, I fell asleep on the trampoline.
Anyway, so tomorrow is a big day! Ann and Ben (some mennonite friends of ours) are getting MARRIED :) Me and Abby and Jen are going to be serving at the reception so we are going to have a very interesting day :) I have the task of doing all 3 of us girls hair so that will be fun but definately a challenge :) HAVE YOU SEEN HOW LONG JEN'S HAIR IS???? And she wants me to STRAIGHTEN IT!!!! ANyway, it will be fun and I will definately post pictures (it is me, no worries!).
So we are serving at the reception...IN WHITE SHIRTS! Me, in a white shirt...I am PRAYING that I don't spill anything just b/c it is me (heh, no comment) and I just bought a new white shirt today specifically for the wedding.
Anyway, so I am off to bed! But I will definately have a lot to post about tomorrow :)
Blessings to you all!


melody said...

That's cool! I hope the wedding went well. What is a Mennonite wedding like?
Hey, at least Jen is asking You to fix her hair, and not somebody else!

HIS daughter said...

Um, a mennonite wedding is different. Like, no kiss, um, also it was more like a church service then a wedding. It was good though. THere were 300 of us singing in 4-part harmony just worshipping and praising was really neat!
Hehe, I didn't end up doing Jen's hair! :p