Tuesday, July 01, 2008


As a result this is a ridiculously lame post :p
Actually, here is a serious question:
When was the last time you STARTED your day in the Word and in prayer? I got up this morning and spent time with the Lord and WOW what a differece it made :)


Kelly Bryant said...

I started out my morning by praying and reading a chapter of Collosians. I was reminded again of how awesome it is to start the day off right!

HIS daughter said...

Colossians huh? We are studying that in Sunday School. I had to babysit ALL 3 boys Monday and Tuesday. Monday was heh...interesting. So, on tuesday that is why I got up early and had my devotions, and WOW what a difference it made with the boys!
I just realized that I totally spelled diferece wrong...I haven't changed :p

4 Little Men & Twins said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog. That is so cool you have a blog already. By the time you have kids you'll have a HUGE book. :)

thanks again for the smile


Anonymous said...

Good point. We started today in prayer with an AMAZING worship service with all of the freshman, but it wasn't just God and I.

Oh, and if you ever reply under one of my comments on here, I won't know. I don't know if you ever have, but it just occurred to me that you might sometime and I wouldn't get it. Well, I've got to go meet with my advisor now, so I'll finish catching up later!